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The Deal with Disability-new awesome blog.

What if you were in your 20s, smart and literate, but people talked to you like you were a child? That is, if they didn’t ignore you outright.

You’d go crazy. Or, if you had an especially good sense of humor, you’d start a blog recording your day:

The Deal with Disability.

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The Rocket Experience

Buzz Aldrin. Rapping. And it’s awesome.

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Like going home for the holidays

Without having to go through airport security or suffer the dry kugel.

Old Jews Telling Jokes.

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Penguin sport!

One of the best videos ever. No sound, though.

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For Enquiring Minds: Information on Flu Pandemics

Published in 2005, this booklet does an excellent job of explaining how influenza works, how it is transmitted, and how our immune systems react.

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Ada Lovelace Day: A Woman in Technology

In celebration of the grandmother of the computer, today I’m going to gush about a contemporary woman in technology: Leah Buechley.  

There are thousands of women out there who deserve recognition, but I’m picking Ms. Buechley’s work because she’s mixing high tech and “low” tech to make technology more accessible–both in terms of understand it and having access.  Plus, she’s a contemporary by two definitions: she’s working right now and we graduated from the same college in the same year.  

Here’s a basic thing: making your own electronic sewing kit. You can make a singing shirt, finger puppets that blush, or a bag that blinks on your command. No previous electronics experience required. It’s probably the only good use for puffy paint, honestly.  Don’t know an LED from your CFC?  She explains it.  Circuits?  Ms. Buechely has your back. I’m feeling like a slacker here.

There’s even a microprocessor available, if you want to get very fancy! LilyPad Arduino is open source, soft to the touch, and there’s a full tutorial

I’ve always had a soft spot for interactive performance, and here’s her take on that.

It’s not as easy to see the benefits of her works as, say, someone doing cancer research, but by using simple tools and advanced materials she is helping to open up the potential creativity of all kinds of people–artists, crafters, medical professionals, sociologists, event planners, media, you name it. This has the potential to create a new hybrid medium, and there are few things as powerful as a new/revised means of expression.

Bonus:  Sock it to ‘em, Ada! (scroll to the bottom)

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Ready to make the change happen.

Are you?
Work To Do (Obama for America REMIX)


On it now being 2009.

In lieu of some belated chirpy push to infect you all with enthusiasm for a string of of half cocked resolutions, I offer 2 things.

1. Chinese New Year starts on 26 January 2009.
2. This link to a book that you can read by scrolling it across your screen, and that you really ought to see. It has more pictures than words, even!

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A finer expression of how I feel than words could ever say


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Si Se Puede


Originally uploaded by Barack Obama

There were fireworks and people driving around honking in the neighborhood, and I cheered so hard that Zoe got spooked and flew across the house.

It seems that a little hope may even be able to illuminate the darkest corners.