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The best in the birdness

For you, my darlings, only for you!

A band with two chickens on keyboards!
Flamingos in the WC! No, really.
A meowing bird!

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Penguins, in their natural environment.

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Friday Field Trip to Brooklyn

Play some tunes for the borough! A shoutout to Piepmatz’s homebirds in Brooklyn.


Desperate Man Blues

There are people who like music, and there are are people whose lives are made of music. Joe Bussard definitely falls into the latter category. The documentary about him and his incredible collection was released in tandem with a CD of items from his collection. Everyone should see this. Don’t like old timey music? It doesn’t matter. There’s more to it than the music (but listen to the music, it may surprise you).

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Tidings of comfort and joy

It’s not what I’d drooled over previously, but it suits me better and sounds gorgeous. Yongi spotted it at the guitar store and knew it would have to come home for me! Looks, brains, and a keen eye for a guitar–how could I not love him?!

The only case that fit the longer 12-string headstock was the coffin, making one hell of an impressive presentation. I had to swear to learn to play some Johnny Cash. I also swore (again) to jam econo.

Not having played in years, it’s much prettier to see than to hear me on it, but I’ve started digging up tabs and reacquainting myself with cursed bar chords. For the time being, I think that Ball and Chain will be a good first song (it was Yongi’s suggestion).


Merry Christmas, James Brown

Santa Claus will go straight to the ghetto this year, sir.

Sympathy to your family, and thanks for coming to Austin when you did.

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Kerrier District 2

Holy disco, Batman!

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So Percussion: Amid the Noise

A lot of the music that I mention here is out of the comfort zone of many readers, and this album might look the same at first. I’d like to think that if most folks gave this album a listen they’d actually warm to it; Amid the Noise is minimal but lovely on the ears. These talented folk make their own instruments and repurpose other things in ways that make the world seem like a more beautiful place.

The DVD of videos for each song is very special, as it allows you to slow down and watch what happens around you instead of having your perceptions guided by a moving lens. I’d say it’s a good cure for sensory overload, especially in this holiday season of blinking lights and Santa sweaters.

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Lindstrøm: It’s a Feedelity Affair

Lindstrøm’s first full length album It’s a Feedelity Affair is delightful contemporary disco. Yes, there is no shame in loving disco, especially when it’s had its mane trimmed and had its wardrobe updated. Everyone needs to shake some booty some time.

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Fun with Nina Simone

Take that woman to the dancefloor!

Why has Nina Simone not been remixed before? She’s perfect for it.

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