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A kick for Monday.

Hummingbird Pulls Top Gun Stunts / Science News.

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Attack Bird Chronicles: Swoops Defends His Turf.

Attack Bird Chronicles.

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Unexpected question.

WikiAnswers – What does a chicken above the tree line in a picture represent?


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Brave bird takes tip from the Dutch

The latest news in avian antics!

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks – Telegraph.

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Science confirms what Piepmatz knew all along

Birds are natural funk machines.

Layin down the moves,
Feelin all the grooves,
Parrots got the might
To bust it out all night!

Birds got the beat!
At home or on the street,
Birds can’t be beat!

Bring it back around, no frontin’.

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She’s a Little Dinosaur

It’s true!
Well, it would be more true if she were a chicken. Scientists have discovered a molecular link between Tyrannosaurus Rex and the humble domestic chicken.

We’ll celebrate tonight with a new plastic dinosaur for Zoe to chew to bits. No respect for her history!


Friday Field Trip to Brooklyn

Play some tunes for the borough! A shoutout to Piepmatz’s homebirds in Brooklyn.


A gift that keeps on giving.

A few years ago, Yongi and I happened to be watching The Late Show with Dave Letterman, an oldie from the eighties. Father Guido Sarducci was one of the main guests, but there was also a lively woman named Mrs. Alba Ballard who put costumes on parrots. A couple of snaps up the back and suddenly a macaw was a mini Father Guido!

We were agog. The woman was colorful herself, speaking with an Italian accent and switching the rather docile parrots in and out of bizarre handmade costumes. We laughed at the improbability of it all, and never forgot our glimpse of this unique performance. Having had no luck ourselves even getting a harness on Zoe, it seemed all the more magical.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones captivated: a book of some of her photos has been released, and I can heartily recommend it. See for yourselves the marvels of a bit of home stagecraft, costumes, and willing avian companions. Some very savvy friends sent us a copy and we’ve flipped through it again and again. The temptation to take Mrs. Ballard’s inspiration and run with it is strong, but I think the desire to have all of my fingers intact is stronger!


The parrots’ least favorite person

Once a quarter we have a woman come over to the house to clip nails, trim flight feathers, and do a general health check on the feathered beasties. The screaming begins the moment she comes through the door, and it’s not until the towel is dropped on their head and they get wrapped up and pampered. First they get their neck vertebrae realigned, followed by a foot massage. Piepmatz also gets a chest massage and extra kisses on account of his being such a cute little cuss. There are encouraging coos and sweet talk through the whole process. Nevertheless, the poor things always come out of the towel looking bedraggled and ready for a nap. It’s hard to be a parrot some days.

Sticking with the theme of sweetness through adversity, here’s a great story about a rescued cockatoo in Australia. Beautiful pictures, too.


New Marketing Concept

thanks to mj for the inspiration!

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