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A kick for Monday.

Hummingbird Pulls Top Gun Stunts / Science News.

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Attack Bird Chronicles: Swoops Defends His Turf.

Attack Bird Chronicles.

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Unexpected question.

WikiAnswers – What does a chicken above the tree line in a picture represent?


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Brave bird takes tip from the Dutch

The latest news in avian antics!

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks – Telegraph.

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Science confirms what Piepmatz knew all along

Birds are natural funk machines.

Layin down the moves,
Feelin all the grooves,
Parrots got the might
To bust it out all night!

Birds got the beat!
At home or on the street,
Birds can’t be beat!

Bring it back around, no frontin’.

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Happy holidays.

This one goes out to my family.

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Recent searches carried out by myself in pursuit of immediately critical information

From newest to oldest:
“gay pride penguin”
“fantasy baseball 101″
“cross-quarter day”
“steve zissou” (image search)
“super nintendo harvest moon”

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The world’s largest shrew

Introducing the gray-faced sengi.

700 grams and 22 centimeters! A behemoth compared to the ones in your garden, and with a far lovelier coat. Seriously, check out those highlights.

Lest you go thinking that such a critter would make a good companion, consider that the North American variety are the only poisonous mammals on the continent. Oh, and watch this.

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Sick now, call back later.

Fever, goo, etc. Never a good time for this sort of thing. Apologies for lack of scintillating content, luckily others have me covered right now.

First, amazing pets. Tamaduagirl has this nailed with her pet anteaters. Look at her blog, her pictures on Flickr, and the videos on Youtube. I never imagined you could hear an anteater sniffle. Anyone else think he look like something out of Edward Gorey?

Next, a little nature and science lesson. Don’t wrinkle your nose, this is about banding hawks. Birdchick gives a two part lesson on how it’s done, plus some tips on identifying hawks. Yongi thinks that the pigeon has the worst job, but I’ll ask Brian Pigeon to be sure.

Lastly, uh, I need to make more tea. No room in head for more links.


Living in a tea cup

Two little duckling, washed out to sea, were rescued by a kind-hearted gentleman named Chris Murray. Already enough to make one say “aww,” but it gets even better!

He’s raising them in a tea cup, wrapped in a flannel. It may be the most adorable thing ever. I can’t be the only one wishing to pick up the cup and kiss their little heads!