Excuses revisited

Still have a lingering cough and the malaise of the recently sick. Yongi said, after hearing one of my coughing fits, “If you die of consumption, I’ll shoot myself with a flintlock pistol.” That, dear readers, is romance! The laptop will make its return this evening, at which point it must prove to me that it’s not going to suffer a major failure before I go and get attached to it again. Damn seductive technology!

Yes, I know that I left you all hanging with the whole “part 1″ thing regarding the excitements of spring, but (hint) the second part hasn’t officially started yet. I’ve also got more records to review, and a couple of meandering rambles about music. On pins and needles, I’ll bet you all are.

Celebrating the small successes: one of the pencilfish was doing poorly in the main tank–someone had picked out one of his eyes and was just waiting for the rest of him to be fair game. Yongi spotted this and we got the Rev. Fountain Roy Memorial Hospital Tank set up. I’m very proud to tell you that Patch is doing just fine, eating and enjoying his exclusive suite. We’ll be getting him some small and docile companion, perhaps to serve as Hobson to his Arthur–which begs the question: who is the John Gielgud of the freshwater fish?

  1. #1 by Jennifer on March 30, 2006 - 5:44 pm

    God, the way your mind works itself into words.

    By the way…who *is* the John Gielgud of the freshwater fish?

  2. #2 by patita on March 30, 2006 - 8:33 pm

    why thank you!

    We’re still not sure about an aquatic John Gielgud. It may be a bronze cory. The fish store does a Friday happy hour, so we’ll do some more investigating!

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