The Deal with Disability-new awesome blog.

What if you were in your 20s, smart and literate, but people talked to you like you were a child? That is, if they didn’t ignore you outright.

You’d go crazy. Or, if you had an especially good sense of humor, you’d start a blog recording your day:

The Deal with Disability.

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The Rocket Experience

Buzz Aldrin. Rapping. And it’s awesome.

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A kick for Monday.

Hummingbird Pulls Top Gun Stunts / Science News.

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Attack Bird Chronicles: Swoops Defends His Turf.

Attack Bird Chronicles.

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Like going home for the holidays

Without having to go through airport security or suffer the dry kugel.

Old Jews Telling Jokes.

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For the lover of contemporary film/theater.

Dresden Codak » Archive » 42 Essential 3rd Act Twists.

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Unexpected question.

WikiAnswers – What does a chicken above the tree line in a picture represent?


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Brave bird takes tip from the Dutch

The latest news in avian antics!

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks – Telegraph.

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Penguin sport!

One of the best videos ever. No sound, though.

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Science confirms what Piepmatz knew all along

Birds are natural funk machines.

Layin down the moves,
Feelin all the grooves,
Parrots got the might
To bust it out all night!

Birds got the beat!
At home or on the street,
Birds can’t be beat!

Bring it back around, no frontin’.

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